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Free Camera App for Windows Camera is a free multimedia application offered by Google. As the name implies, this application allows you to take photos from your desktop computer. You can also use it to record Google Chrome extensions. This will facilitate installation on your device. However, the app itself is a barefoot bear. It works as a built-in camera for Windows computers. It also has limited capabilities; You can’t even use the mirror effect while recording a video. If you are looking for more features, you can try other alternatives such as ManyCam and; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Easy setup Installing the Camera app on your device is very easy. As mentioned, you can find the download file in the Google Chrome extension store. Like all other apps, users just need to click the Install button to save it. You can also verify the security of the extension before starting the installation. Once installed, you can launch the application directly from the application list in your Google Chrome to get it working; users must allow Chrome to access their webcam. The camera works for cameras and internal connectors. If you’ve previously allowed Chrome to access your camera and microphone, that shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, the pop-up notification should ask for your permission. If you don’t see it, you may find the locked microphone icon in the address bar. Click the icon and click the Allow option. Then you can use the app to take photos or record functions. The camera works the same as the built-in camera for Windows 10. When you start it up, you have the option of taking a photo or recording a video by clicking the icon that snaps to the screen. Taking a photo or starting a recording is also as easy as clicking the capture button. However, unlike other standalone camera apps, this app includes limited features. It also does not allow you to retouch your image, so you have to install the included photo editor or the video function that you can enjoy in this application, it is the Mirror button. This allows you to invert the screen of the captured image. You can also apply grids to the camera to help you get a better angle with your photos or footage. The grid can be set to 3×3, 4×4, or golden ratio. Lastly, is there a timer I can use before taking the snapshot, which counts between 3 or 10 that is worth downloading? However, this camera is as generic as its name suggests. While it is easy to download and requires fewer resources than other similar apps, it has very limited features. This is almost entirely a stretch, as many desktops already have a native camera app that offers the same features, if not more. In general, there are better free options to offer you;

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