Network Audit

Secure your network health with Shashwat Solutions Network Security Audit.

IT Network is a critical part of the IT infrastructure in any organization. Many business decisions and the flow of essential information to the right person at the right time depend on the quality of the network infrastructure that exists in an organization.

It is no secret now that as the organization grows, the use of network grows exponentially and very soon, it becomes unwieldy because of random addition of network devices as well as the ever growing volume of data that resides and travels across the network. The overload of data and constant demand on the bandwidth gives rise to performance issues. Network Audit enables you to identify the failure points and weak links in the network. It involves a deeper attention to the various aspects of a network that can cause performance issues.

Some questions to know the network performance.

What devices are on your network?
How they are configured?
What is the performance of your network?
How to improve the network performance?
What standards are followed when your network is implemented?
What protection mechanisms are available?
What are the critical information assets in the network?
How to secure network and its mechanisms

Shashwat being a networking company has a great deal of expertise in networking in house.

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