Parasite 2019 1080p Full Torrent

Parasite 2019 1080p Full Torrent

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Parasite 2019

Greed and classism threaten a new mediation relationship between Park’s rich family and the troubled Kim clan.
Bong Jun Ho Author:
Bong Jun Ho (story), Bong Jun Ho (script) Kimi is the mother and father of Chun Suk and Ki-Thek and their adult children, son Ki-Wu and daughter Ki-Chun, a poor family living in a ugly and narrow house in the basement of the Seoul lower commercial class. Unbeknownst to them, they, especially Mr and Mrs Kim, smell the stench of poverty. Often as a team, they do a little trickery to get around them, and even when they have a job, they do a very unnecessary job. Ki-wu is a person who dreams of getting out of poverty when he goes to university one day. Despite the lack of such university education, a friend of Ki Wu chooses a student from Ming University who goes to school to take a job as superintendent of Pak Da He, which Ming has planned today when he returns to Seoul and himself at the university. The park is a wealthy family that lived for four years in their modern home, designed by the former residence of the famous architect Namgun. When Mr. and Bi Park …

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