R Drive Image 7 update download

R Drive Image 7 update download

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R Drive Image 7


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I was criticized for a long time for not publishing this utility as a separate piece of news, so I decided to fix it, especially when the new version came out. This way, this powerful program allows you to easily back up data from your hard drive. Once you have launched a few mouse clicks and here you have taken a picture of your logical or physical hard drive, you can select certain partitions that interest you and you are ready

R-Drive Image is a powerful utility that provides disk image files for backup or copying. A disk image file contains an exact byte copy of your hard disk, partition, or logical drive, and can be created at different compression levels on the go without shutting down Windows and thus interrupting your business. These disk image files can be stored in a variety of locations, including a variety of removable media such as CD-R (V) / DVDs, Iomega Zip or Jazz discs, and more.

R-Drive Image restores images to the original disks, to any other partition, or even frees up space on the hard drive on the go. To restore the system and other locked partitions, R-Drive Image enters pseudographic mode directly from Windows or runs the boot version created by the utility from a CD or floppy disk.

With R-Drive Image, you can recover your system completely and quickly from significant data loss due to an operating system failure, virus attack, or hardware failure. You can also use R-Drive Image for mass-system applications when you need to install multiple identical computers. In other words, you can manually configure only one system, create a system image, and then use it on all other computers, saving you time and money. If you only want to restore certain files from a disk image, you can mount this image as a virtual disk and copy these files directly from the disk image using Windows Explorer or any other file utility.

R-Drive Image is one of the best backup and restore solutions to prevent your data from being lost after a fatal system crash.

R-Drive image functions

– Simple wizard interface – no deep computer management skills required.

– Actions in progress: image files are being created, you do not need to stop and restart Windows. All other tracks on the disc are cached until the image is created. – Image file data is also restored “on the fly”, except for the system partition. System partition data can be restored by restarting R-Drive Image in pseudographic mode directly from Windows or by using specially designed boot disks.

– Compress image files. Image files can be compressed to save free storage space.

– Support for removable media. Image files can be saved on removable media.

– Published version. The boot version can be used to capture / restore / copy locked operating system partitions. You can restart your computer to the original version either directly from Windows or from an external USB device, CD / DVD, or 6 floppy disks. The boot version can use either a graphical user interfaceor pseudographic mode if the video card is not supported. UEFI boot support for modern computers.

– USB and support in the original version. As hard drive prices continue to fall, an external IDE-USB or HDD with a suitable hard drive is the ideal (fast and reliable) solution for backing up system and other partitions that can only be restored from the boot version. Stop using multiple unreliable CDs and slow CD / DVD burners. Remember: with incremental backups, this hard drive is not too large.

– Online support in the original version Image Launcher R-Drive supports the creation and recovery of disk image files via the Microsoft Network (CIFS).

– Extended list of supported devices in the original version. The list of devices supported by the R-Drive Image boot versions has been expanded.

– The image file can be installed as a read-only virtual disk. Such a disc can be viewed and files / folders can be found and copied.

– Restore individual files and folders. Individual files and floats, but not the entire disk, can be recovered during recovery or as a virtual disk from a linked image file.

– Split image files. Disk images can be split into multiple files to fit the media.

– Image protection. Disk image files can be password protected and contain comments.

– Create a new partition. Disk image data can be restored to a free (unlocated) location on any hard drive. You can resize the restored partition.

– Partition replacement. Disk image data can be restored to other existing partitions. R-Drive Image deletes such partitions and recovers data from this free space.

– Copy from disc to disc. You can copy the entire disc directly to others.

– Check image files. You can verify that the image files are working before saving or retrieving data from them.

– Designer. You can schedule time to create a disk image and start the process unattended.

– Creating a script for repetitive or ugly actions. Such scenarios for creating an image file and adding data to an existing image file are created from the R-Drive Image interface in the same way as the actual operation. Scripts are executed from the command line and such a command can be included in any batch file.

– Activity report. When the disk image is created successfully or the operation is not performed, the report can be sent automatically by e-mail or an external program.

– System SupportReFS (Resilient File System), a new local file system introduced by Microsoft on Windows 2012 Server. All Disk Functions are supported, except resizing the partition.

– Full support for GPT partition. R-Drive Image can create GPT discs, resize them, and place partitions during copy / restore.

– Support for Windows storage (Windows 8 and 10), Linux and MacRAID logical volume managers.

What’s new in v7

New, completely redesigned wizard interface with improved graphical controls, drag-and-drop handling, and visual linking of source and destination.

Partition Manager that allows the user to delete, delete, create and modify partitions and logical drives.

Create images from individual files, not just objects on disk.

Advanced and general diaries areavailable directly from the interface.

Advanced file filtering makes it easier to find and tag files. File filters can be created directly in the R-Drive image bar or installed / edited manually (batch mode).

Support for rotation systems (further development of back – up kits). A formula is a set of files (usually a file for a complete image of an object and a series of incremental / differential backups) that R-Drive Image considers as a single unit. Rotation methods are used to flexibly control the parameters of complex backup tasks. R-Drive Image supports predefined and custom rotations. Special circulation systems are available under corporate, technical and commercial licenses.

Support for VMDK file type, popular virtual machine disk format (corporate, technical, and commercial licenses only).


Operating system: Win7 +



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