Top Cyber Security Threats During Corona Virus

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The corona virus pandemic has forced organisations and individuals to enhance new practices like Social distancing and now physical distancing which compel the people to work remotely, it is threaten to cyber security. 

The whole universe is going through a life-threatening situation and the world is focusing on the health and economic threats posed by corona virus This is an accurate period for the hackers to activate 

Now a day’s virtual private network (VPN) servers have now become a lifeline to companies and schools, so their security and availability will be a major focus from the security point of view.

 In a bid to achieve this, there is a possibility that unprepared organisations will lead to security mis-configuration in VPNs thereby exposing sensitive information on the internet and also exposing the devices to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

 In addition to this, some users may utilise personal computers to perform official duties which could also pose a great amount of risk to organisations security.

The consequence of this is a spike in cyber attacks, phishing attacks, Malspams and ransomware attacks. Hackers are using corona virus as a trap to impersonate brands thereby to mislead employees and customers. 

This will result in infected to personal computers and phones. Which will enhance the security problem. They not only targeting our business but the end-users who download corona virus related applications, and are also being trapped into downloading ransomware disguised as legitimate applications.

Malicious domains

There are a considerable number of registered domains on the Internet to harm cyber security that contain the terms: “corona virus”, “corona-virus or covid-19” 

While some are legitimate websites, cyber criminals are creating thousands of new sites every day to carry out spam campaigns, phishing or to spread malware to impairment the security.


Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the widespread global communications on the corona virus to mask their activities and to impairment cyber security. Malware, spyware and Trojans have been found embedded in interactive corona virus maps and websites. Spam emails are also tricking users into clicking on links which download malware to their computers or mobile devices.

Malware attacks is specifically to steal your financial information like the credit card, debit card details and bank details


Ransomware attack is done on the server where the information is crucial. It locks and encrypt the laptop and to decrypt it bitcoin ransom is asked for. 

Hospitals, medical centres and public institutions are being targeted by cyber criminals for ransomware attacks – since they are overwhelmed with the health crisis and cannot afford to be locked out of their systems, the criminals believe they are likely to pay the ransom.

Proactive Steps by Organization

Organisations should take proactive steps by advising their staff and customers to be more vigilant and cautious especially when opening links, emails or documents related to the subject Corona virus. Organizations should ensure their detection and alerting capabilities are functional while keeping an eye on the

Organisations should ensure VPN services are safe and reliable as their promises to be a lot more scrutiny against these services. Organisation need to provide SD WAN security to the employees, Attack Surface need to be identify and should get secured, Furthermore, employees should be advised against using personal computers for official.

Organisations are hereby encouraged to sensitize their employees around information security outside of the office space. Working from public spaces should be restricted and organisation should utilize technologies that ensure confidential information remain secure on these devices in the case of theft or damage.

Jyotsna Nikumb. 

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