Train To Busan 2016 pirate Movie Download Torrent

Train To Busan 2016 pirate Movie Download Torrent

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Train To Busan 2016

When the zombie virus appears in South Korea, several passengers try to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.

Director: Sang-Ho Yon

Author: Sang-Ho Yon (script)

Star: Yu Gong, Su An Kim, Yu-mi Chon

Type: Actions | Terrible | Exciting

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean


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Video: AVC MKV 720×384

Audio: stereo AAC 44100Hz

Operating time: 1 hour 58 minutes

Language: foreign

Quote: English subtitles with captions below

Source: 1080p

Encoder: CPG

Example: included

Train for Busan Type: actions, fear, excitement
Director: Yon Sang-ho
Star: Kang Dong-Wing, Lee Yung Hyun, Lee Re, Kwon Hee Hyu, Kim Ming Zhe
Conspiracy: Soldiers and generals from his post-apocalyptic zombies on the Korean Peninsula.
Tools = Sailor (avi)
Time = 1:55
File size = 1 GB
– Video
Code description = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×304
Show AR = | : 1
Bit rate = 1300 kbps
Frame rate = color space CFR = YUV
Color printing = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – base 142 r2479 dd79a61
– Sound
Code description = AC-3 | A_AC3
Route = 6
Bit rate = CBR 384 kbps
Sampling frequency = kHz
Language = English

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