Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Secure your network health with Shashwat Solutions VAPT.

VAPT is a combination of two actions: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It is a digital forensic exercise that helps in detecting the path of hostile attacks on a network. It also helps identify the possible weak areas which could be most vulnerable to the internal or external hostile attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment is process of identifying the possible failures or breakdowns in a system, or even its susceptibility to hostile intrusion, quantifying the vulnerabilities and finally, prioritizing them in terms of their effects.

Penetration Testing is a method to evaluate the computer and network security mechanism. In this, the computer systems and network are subjected to simulated attacks from a controlled environment. These simulated attacks are carried out from outside the network or from inside, depending upon the specific requirement or objective of the customer.

Benefits of VAPT

It involves comprehensive set of tests for various applications and the network
It identifies the weak spots in a network, that are most vulnerable to internal or external attacks
It eliminates false alarms and prioritizes the real threats that exist anywhere in the network
It helps detect the path of possible attacks which may have been missed in manual testing
It secures the systems against flaws in the business logic of a system
It increases the ROI on investment in IT security

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